Sale of accessories for the textile industry

Sustainable Made in Italy solutions for accessories in the textile industry

Beschi SNC was founded in 1972 in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua by Luigi and Giulia, their mission was to undertake an experience in the plastic molding sector. The innovative intuition led the company to expand in a few years.

Beschi is a company specializing in the production of accessories for the textile industry, the product catalog is very large and full of products of the highest quality Made in Italy. Made in Italy is synonymous with quality and creativity in the world, Beschi works with a constant eye on tradition and Italian spirit and at the same time on the future, with an eye to sustainability and the enhancement of resources.

Beschi solutions for textiles

Forty years of experience allows the company team to study technologically advanced, precise and top quality solutions for the textile sector.

Beschi offers various solutions for the textile industry, including:

The proposed solutions are designed and manufactured in Italy to ensure top quality craftsmanship.

Beschi accessories for the textile industry

The accessories proposed by Beschi are many and can be viewed in the product catalog.

The categories of Beschi accessories for textiles are:

  • caps for unwinding,
  • cover edge for unwinding,
  • rings for unwinding,
  • separators for dyeing,
  • flange for weaving machines,
  • disks,
  • trackers,
  • springs,
  • caps,
  • strible holder,
  • spacers for tube,
  • rings,
  • bearing covers.

More information

To learn more about the accessories sold for the textile industry, discover the Beschi catalog of articles and accessories for the textile industry, if you are interested fill out the form in the dedicated area.