Plastic Small Parts: Aesthetics and Practicality

Plastic Small Parts: Aesthetics and Practicality

In the realm of industrial design and furniture, attention to detail can make a significant difference in creating products that are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. Plastic hardware, with its versatility and adaptability, stands out as a key resource in metal furniture, bringing innovation and added value. Beschi, a leader in the field, perfectly embodies these qualities, offering solutions that enhance the aesthetics and practicality of metal furnishings.

The Impact of Beschi’s Plastic Hardware

The range of plastic hardware offered by Beschi stands out for its ability to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of metal furniture. These components, essential for movement, grip, and safety, are designed to be:

  • Adaptable: They seamlessly integrate with any style and design need, offering a tailored solution for each project.
  • Functional: Beyond their lightness, they ensure maximum efficiency in movements, crucial for the daily practicality of furniture.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Available in various shapes and colors, they add a touch of elegance and modernity, enhancing the overall design.

Application Examples

The use of Beschi plastic hardware in metal furniture results in numerous practical and aesthetic advantages. For instance:

  • Chairs and Tables: The use of plastic joints and connectors allows for simple and sturdy assembly, improving stability and longevity, while offering a clean and minimalist design.
  • Shelving and Metal Structures: Plastic hardware enables the creation of flexible and customizable mounting systems, with an eye toward ease of maintenance and resistance to weathering.

Sustainability and Innovation

Beschi places a strong emphasis on sustainability, using recyclable materials and cutting-edge production techniques. This not only reduces environmental impact but also reflects a commitment to innovation and quality, aspects increasingly valued in the furniture sector.


  1. Are Beschi’s plastic components as durable as metal ones?
    Yes, they are designed to offer comparable resistance, while also being lighter and more versatile.
  2. Can I customize the components to fit my project? Absolutely. Beschi offers custom solutions to meet the specific design and functionality needs of each client.
  3. How does Beschi contribute to sustainability through its products? Through the use of recyclable materials and efficient production processes, Beschi commits to reducing the environmental impact of its products, promoting a greener industry.


Integrating plastic hardware into metal furniture represents an evolution in industrial design, offering new aesthetic and functional possibilities. Beschi, with its wide range of versatile and adaptable products, is leading this transformation, showing how innovation can go hand in hand with sustainability and elegance. Discover our customized solutions and contact us for personalized plastic hardware solutions.