Sale of tubes for yarns

Beschi tubes in various formats for the identification of yarns

Beschi was born in 1972 in the province of Mantua. Beschi’s main line is aimed at the textile industry, a very extensive product catalog, from tubes, cones, flanges for machines.

Beschi Snc is a leader in the production of two-color tubes, the choice of using two-color tubes helps to differentiate yarn counts and qualities.

Beschi tubes

The cylindrical tubes for natural yarns in spinning and dyeing and for synthetic yarns are strictly Made in Italy.

There are many models available for the precise identification of the yarns, such as:

  • for elastomer and elastic yarns, both disposable and multi-use,
  • for covering, spiraling and interlacing of synthetic and elastic yarns,
  • for texturing, twisting and winding,
  • for dyeing and steaming of natural and synthetic yarns.

Customization of the tubes

Beschi allows the customization of accessories for the textile industry by choosing from a wide range of colors. Customizing accessories makes it easier and faster to identify yarns.

For colored items Beschi uses a heat-resistant master, so they do not migrate to high temperatures, manufactured in full compliance with European REACH regulations.

You can discover the Beschi color range in the dedicated area of ​​the site.

More information

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