Sale of cones for natural yarns

Beschi cones for processing natural yarns

Beschi was founded in 1972 and established itself in the plastic molding sector.

The product line is aimed at the textile industry. Beschi specializes in the production of accessories, the product catalog is very large and full of the highest quality Made in Italy.

Made in Italy is synonymous with quality and creativity in the world and since its debut Beschi has given priority to the search for solutions aimed at improving the quality of customers’ work, offering quality, reliable and competitive products.

Beschi solutions for textiles

Beschi offers various solutions for the textile industry, including:

The Beschi cones

Beschi cones made and designed entirely in Italy, like all the production, for the winding of yarns in:

  • polyester,
  • nylon,
  • wool,
  • cotton,
  • mixed yarns.

Beschi guarantees the highest quality and compliance with tolerances and roundness of diameters.

In the Beschi catalog it is possible to find different solutions for every specific need.

For natural yarns, the cones sold by Beschi are different and it is possible to select from different product specifications, including:

  1. yarns,
  2. edges,
  3. joint for rings,
  4. open end,
  5. hole,
  6. type of hole,
  7. stackable,
  8. colour,
  9. shape,
  10. use.

More information

If you are interested in the sale of Beschi cones for natural yarns, you can contact us from the contact area of ​​the site.