How plastic accessories improve the efficiency of textile machinery

Textile yarns, plastic-backed

The properties of plastics: an added value for machinery efficiency in the textile industry

In the textile industry, plastic accessories play a crucial role in improving the efficiency of machinery, thanks to the numerous advantages offered by the plastic material.

In fact, they are essential components that integrate with the machinery and enable production processes in textile companies to be refined, contributing significantly to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the quality of the products manufactured.

The fact that they are made of plastic gives these accessories unique and advantageous features, let’s see which ones!

The advantages of plastics in the textile industry

Due to its numerous properties and different applications, plastics offer numerous advantages for the production of textile accessories.

  • Reduced production time: thanks to the lightness and ease of processing of plastics, production time can be reduced and productivity increased.
  • Flexibility and ease of processing: plastic is an extremely flexible and easy-to-process material, extremely suitable for a wide range of applications in the textile industry. Small parts such as deflection rings, textile machine flanges and separators for dyeing can be produced with precision and speed.
  • Maintaining yarn integrity and reducing damage: plastic accessories help protect yarns and reduce damage caused by handling or storage, ensuring superior finished product quality.
  • Resistance to wear and tear: unlike metal accessories, plastic accessories are not subject to corrosion. This means that the accessories do not deteriorate due to atmospheric agents and/or liquid substances over time, an indispensable feature in humid and corrosive environments such as in dyeing and washing areas. They are also more resistant to the chemical agents usually used in the textile industry, such as dyes, solvents and acids.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning: the smooth, non-porous surface of the plastic facilitates cleaning and the removal of dust, dirt and production residues. This allows for faster and less costly maintenance, minimizing machine downtime.
  • Lightness and maneuverability: plastic attachments are generally lighter than their metal counterparts, which makes them easier to move and maneuver, contributing to an improvement in the overall speed of machinery and production processes.
  • Customisation: plastic is an easily customisable material, allowing companies to create tailor-made components to meet the specific needs of their production process. Thanks to a fleet of presses ranging from 80 to 400 tons, including 4 two-component presses, Beschi is also able to mold plastic materials on behalf of third parties and create a product completely tailored to the customer’s needs.

Thanks to these advantages, textile companies can reduce costs and improve productivity, contributing to the success of the industry as a whole.

Molding of plastic accessories

textile yarns with plastic accessoriesPlastic accessory molding is therefore a process widely used in the textile industry to produce high-quality, customized and wear-resistant components.

In particular, it allows high precision and reproducibility even for accessories that are characterized by complex and detailed shapes, as is the case with accessories in the textile industry, while maintaining high quality and perfect compatibility with machinery.

Not only that, the molding of plastic accessories is a highly automated process that allows the production of large quantities of parts in a short time: this results in significant economies of scale and a reduction of unit production costs.

Thanks to its long-standing experience, Beschi is able to manufacture and design plastic accessories, entirely in Italy, always guaranteeing high quality and accuracy. In addition to plastic accessories for completing machinery, Beschi also manufactures different types of accessories for the textile industry such as cylindrical tubes and textile cones.

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